Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown


Gazette opinion: Reasons for Joy in Billings Ward 3

…in making a recommendation for a council member to take office in January, Joy is the clear choice.

Joy also impresses us with her grasp of the diversity of Billings and her passion for championing individuals who are often marginalized.

Joy has done more research and brings more experience in civic engagement. We recommend that Ward 3 voters cast their ballots for Denise Joy.

Full opinion piece is online at the Billings Gazette.

Julie Schultz

Billings Gazette Letters to the Editor

While many people feel disenfranchised and apathetic about our political system, people like Denise are working to make sure that we still have a functioning city. More people should be like Denise.

Full letter is online at the Billings Gazette

Billings Chamber of Commerce

Grade “B”

The Billings Chamber of Commerce in recent years has become a clear moderate voice for the importance of a vibrant community in order to bring and keep the talented work force Billings businesses need.  I fully support their efforts to make Billings attractive and affordable to young families.

Montana Conservation Voters

The future of Billings and our neighborhoods is deeply connected with our public lands and parks.  Clean air, clean water, and clean energy are vital to our future.  I am proud to stand with the Montana Conservation Voters in support of these values.

Billings Association of Realtors

I had a great time during my interview with the Billings Association of Realtors.  Besides being an interesting conversation about Billings neighborhoods, it was nice to share a vision of how we can keep our existing neighborhoods healthy and vibrant.

Montana Rural Voters

Billings needs to improve our management of the urban/rural interface. We must to grow without impact on agricultural heritage and sustainability.  I am happy to stand with the Montana rural voters on this issue.

Forward Montana

Who says that young Montanans don’t care about politics? Certainly not Forward Montana! In just a couple of years, they have become a political force. Thanks for the forum in Central Park.  And for your voter guides.

From passing an NDO to advocating for affordable housing, Denise is ready to show the leadership necessary to keep young people in the Magic City. Plus, we love Denise’s campaign strategy — knocking doors and having vulnerable conversations with her friends and neighbors.

Forward Montana Voter Guide for Billings City Council

Yellowstone County Democrats

The FDR Democrats that value economic equality, social justice and value community service are important to my campaign.  They have supported with feet on sidewalks and money in the bank.  The ideals of hard work, collective bargaining, public service and the value of a human life, and laws that protect not victimize, is my definition of a Democrat.

Billings Democratic Socialist of America

Billings chapter of DSA has been the a pillar of my campaign.  With enthusiasm, voices of support at the doors, camaraderie, ideals and values of equality, they are my best and beloved companions in Solidarity.

Support Denise

Ensure a strong future for our neighborhoods
by helping Denise Joy get elected.