Billings is a physically active community and walking and riding bikes are popular activities.  Ward 3 is one of the most walk-able.  People walk and bicycle to shop, socialize, for their health and fresh air.  The decisions of the city council can improve residents experience and safety.  Walkability is an important measure of quality of life from many residents.  Residents begin their journeys with public transportation with a walk, likewise with a car.  Walking and bicycling should be safe and enjoyable.

The Billings Growth Plan for 2016 has a goal for community transportation, as the “a transportation network allows people to make transportation mode choices that work best for them…”  If riding a bike or walking is resident’s choice, the city council should make that possible.  Too many of the big streets in Ward 3 are not walkable.  The crosswalk signals do not give an average person time enough to cross the street.