Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown

Committed to Midtown Billings

September 18, 2017

With your support, I will work to maintain and support our neighborhoods. We need investment and improvements in our existing neighborhoods. I value our neighborhoods and will fight to keep them healthy and diverse.

Hopefully we will see a day when the effect that money has on politics has been significantly reduced. I will spend every cent donated on getting the word out in as many ways as possible.
Saul Alinksy pointed out that we have people power. You time talking to voters, dropping literature cards, registering voters, getting out the vote, doing data entry, putting up yard signs, stuffing envelopes, it all adds up and makes a huge difference.
Give me a call and set up an meet and greet with your friends, your church group, your neighbors, your bridge club, your running group… Heck, I’ll even meet with your cat!
Let Billings know what you think. Write a letter to the editor, link to my Facebook page, or write an endorsement here on this website.
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