Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown


& Issues

My Candidate Profile to the City Administrator

These were questions posed by City Administrator Kulkaski to the Council in January 2020.  This represents my thoughts and ideas.     1. Specifically, what does “improve the safety of Billings” mean to you?  Improving public safety should be a more comfortable feeling in doing daily...

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Why I am Proud of the Work I’ve Done for our Neighborhoods

The most involved discussion at Council while adopting the Zoning regulations was the location of casinos.  My commitment to the safety and well being of our neighborhoods involves hundreds of hours of my time over 3 and ½ years. I attended many meetings discussing our...

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Billings Chamber of Commerce Coffee with Candidates

Join the Billings Chamber of Commerce for coffee and conversation with me and the Billings City Council Ward 3 candidates. The Forum is free to attend – please RSVP at…/coffee-with… so the Chamber has an idea of setup needs.

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Council Announcement on the Champions Institute

Thank you Mayor Cole. I have been accepted into the Active People, Healthy Nation Champions Institute.  The training I will receive is with Smart Growth America in partnership with the CDC Division on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity.   The program selected local elected officials from...

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Grand Avenue Redevelopment

Grand Avenue was once Avenue A.  Renamed to Grand Avenue, it was synonymous with shopping, entertainment, eating and professional services.  There was a roller skating rink that attracted locals and out of town visitors.   Grand Avenue is in need of reinvestment and development.  I have...

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Residents Need a Process to Bring Concerns Forward

The Billings City Council recently eliminated the Ethics Commission.  The commission volunteers were to hear concerns about the city council members and city administrator.   The dissolving of the commission by the council was to clear up problems with state law.  State law requires residents...

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Billings Residents Deserve to be Treated Equally

I will support a discussion for our community about diversity and how best to address the problem of discrimination.  The city council should bring the community together to civilly and respectfully discuss how to proceed.  I will help facilitate that discussion.  Gathering our diverse community...

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Billings as a Diverse and Creative City

We have a city that has opportunities and diversity of experiences that draws young and talented people.  Young people who graduate from Community Colleges in Montana and Wyoming who move here for jobs and a better quality of life.  If young people are listened to...

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Invest in Midtown Billings

Ward 3 includes the Billings midtown area. As the edges of Billings develop, businesses are moving further out to build on less expensive farm land.  New buildings have current infrastructure and a modern look. But the residents of Billings pay more for stretched police and...

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