Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown

The most involved discussion at Council while adopting the Zoning regulations was the location of casinos.  My commitment to the safety and well being of our neighborhoods involves hundreds of hours of my time over 3 and ½ years.

I attended many meetings discussing our new zoning regulations.  It was important for me to know residents’ concerns were being addressed.  One prominent concern is the closeness and high number of casinos close to residential properties.

Our neighborhoods along Grand, Central and Broadwater are impacted by casinos that are not separated from residential housing.  Residents’ properties should have a buffer and separation from public safety problems generated by casinos.  We have had robberies, shooting and hostage issues connected to casinos.  We have a right to be protected by separation from gambling zoned properties.

Our new zoning calls for a 350 foot separation from casinos and residential property.  The zoning only takes effect for established casinos when properties are sold.  The changes to the zoning affecting casinos will take many years to accomplish, but the regulations are in place.  

Note:  My campaign has not received contributions or endorsements from the Bar, Taverns or Casino industry.