Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown

Grand Avenue Redevelopment

June 29, 2021

Grand Avenue was once Avenue A.  Renamed to Grand Avenue, it was synonymous with shopping, entertainment, eating and professional services.  There was a roller skating rink that attracted locals and out of town visitors.  

Grand Avenue is in need of reinvestment and development.  I have advocated for redevelopment of Grand Avenue during my tenure on Council.  We need to reinvest in the already built part of our City.  Aging infrastructure is not a reason to walk away and build on a green field, as has been done.  

Leadership takes vision and commitment to change and reinvestment.  

“#34 Grand Avenue Redevelopment – This is an ambitious and very forward thinking concept that could be applied to many of our aging principal arterial corridors in Billings. Public Works – Engineering and Transportation Planning would both be key contributors to this kind of effort. Challenges include right-of-way width, building proximity to property line setbacks, and the narrowness of the commercial lots fronting Grand and the residential neighborhoods in some areas behind these shallow lots. Changes in the Site/Landscaping Standards, Signage Regulations, and Parking Standards would be a first step to help address some of the aesthetic, access, and pedestrian improvement potential in these corridors.”

Source: City Council Priority Setting.  Chris Kukulski February 2019