Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown

South Billings tax dollars staying in our neighborhoods and Revitalizing South Billings

June 24, 2021

South Billings Urban Renewal Association(SBURA) is an important feature of Ward 1 and 3.  A proposed expansion of the boundaries SBURA will include more area designation in Ward 3.

I have attended and supported the economic redevelopment of South Billings through urban renewal.  These funds that are collected from the incremental increase in tax base have improved South Billings exponentially.  The improvements and rebuilding of public infrastructure and amenities.

Optimus Park, Newman and Orchard School  improvements, reconstruction of Midland, Hallowell, Amend Park Turf Field are all important projects that I have supported.  With my votes on Council and cooperation with the SBURA Board, these projects have improved the lives of residents of South Billings.  

More significant is the continued recognition that South Billings is a thriving and vital economic center for the City of Billings.  This economic vitality is only possible through the investment of incremental tax revenues.  Millions of South Billings tax dollars invested in our neighborhoods are fundamental to my representation of South Billings on Council.