Denise Joy for Billings

Billings City Council, Ward 3

Committed to Midtown

Billings as a Diverse and Creative City

August 9, 2017

We have a city that has opportunities and diversity of experiences that draws young and talented people.  Young people who graduate from Community Colleges in Montana and Wyoming who move here for jobs and a better quality of life.  If young people are listened to they feel the encouragement to move forward with new ideas.  The city council needs to listen to those who will create our future with respect and a positive response to a different vision of the city.

Billings needs those young people to build our future.  They will have the ideas and innovations that keeps Billings as a competitive economic place.  They will develop the city with their own focus.   Some will start local businesses that create more opportunities.  Some will continue their education and learn fill the gaps that are left by older workers that retire.  

We want these young people and need a city that is attractive to their quality of life choices.  They should feel welcome and the city council should make every effort to make Billings a city of their choice.  They may demand a more diverse point of view, an open mindedness about how cities should be developed and the city council should listen.

I will support a respectful and open-minded approach to every resident.  Those who wish to raise concerns or voice opinions, will be welcomed and given a fair chance to have their say.  No resident should be mocked or shamed for their ideas, but instead be listened to and encouraged to find a positive opportunity to positive response from the city.